Send your Love Ones A HAPPY NEW YEAR QR Code to their Cellular or Mobile

Here's a novel idea.  Send your loved one a New Year's Greeting to their smart phone.  The colorful QR code above says "Happy New Year  -- With Love".  As I was making this blog entry, I thought -- Hey, if I was having an affair, what a great way to send secret messages.  The QR code below has the text "Let's make love tonight".

I think that I am on to something here.  Feel free to steal these by right clicking on them.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.  Thanks for reading the blog.  Wishing peace and joy to all of my readers.  Happy Holidays.

Last Minute Ideas for Inexpensive but Treasured Christmas Gifts

Stumped as to what to give for Christmas.  Here are some last minute gift ideas that will win hearts and won't hurt you in the wallet.

1) Photographs.  Frame a photograph and it will be treasured.  Photographs to consider are pictures of deceased loved ones, pets both past and present, holidays together, or photographs of treasured places.  For example, if you have a neighbor that has moved

2) Food Baskets.  Do you have someone to buy for and can't think of anything.  Buy a basket and fill it with their favorite foods, be it Nutella, jams, biscuits, cheeses or fruits, or a combination thereof.  Tuck in a little bottle of their favorite libation and you have a winner.

3) Building on the photograph theme, give them a photo key chain for electronic pictures.  They are relatively inexpensive and you can open the gift and load up some of your favorite pictures.

4) Gift cards for a meal at a favorite restaurant.  Accompany this with a note saying "I know that you will be busy this holiday weekend, so have a dinner out on me".

5) Offer the person a personal service like a housecleaning, dog walking, babysitting or if appropriate, a massage.  Create a coupon and put it in a fancy envelope.

6) If you at all are artsy, create a keepsake for them.  Be it scrapbooking, painting, sketching or quilting, in this modern 'Made In China' world, people treasure hand made items.

These are six quick ideas to help you get out of a jam this Christmas.  I am off running to do my Christmas shopping now.

Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction

(click for larger images)

Once again my purveyor of the lurid and Anne Hathaway fan has sent me some pics of Anne Hathaway arriving at the premiere of Les Miserables.  Unfortunately she wasn't wearing panties as she exited the limo and had a massive wardrobe malfunction.  You would have thought that with the previous example of Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears, that she would have put on a pair of Spanx panties.  (I was not paid to promote Spanx panties.  I admire the woman who started it.  By sheer dint of hard work, she is now a billionaire).

Jobless -- Need help getting a job in a tough market?

OK -- so you have been out of work for a while.  It is starting to look grim.  Nobody will hire you.  Perhaps there are no industries in your area that hire people with your skills.  Maybe you are perceived as too old to be hired in a hip young company.  Does it look like a dead end for you?  Do you think that you will end your working career as a Wal-Mart greeter or saying "Do you want fries with that?".

Well there is a way out.  The job market is evolving and changing.  New trends are emerging that are hard to see until you see it in your rear-view mirror.  There is a way to capitalize on your experience and work history.  It is called Job-Chunking or the advent of the micro-job.

There is an e-Book that tells you how to go about job-chunking and restore your income stream in spite of being jobless.  This method was discovered first hand, and it reflects the changing paradigms of the job market.  This book is called "55 and Scared" and it is available as an eBook in multiple formats on @ :

or if you have a Kindle, you can get it on

On Smashwords, you can download 35% of the book for free and Amazon lets you sample the first chapter or two.

Good luck.

Butterfly With a Broken Wing

(click for larger image)

This past summer, I snapped this pic of a butterfly with a broken wing.  The loss of wing structure didn't appear to hamper his flying but it must have in some way.  Here it is, sipping nectar out of the flower of Queen Anne's Lace.

I don;t know how the crows do it.

(click for larger image)

This is a murder of crows.  That is the official name for a flock of crows.  The reason that I photographed them, was that I was amazed at their abilities.  Two days ago before the snow storm, I threw out a couple of tablespoons of rice vermicelli on the ground.  Then the snow came and covered it all up with an inch and a half of snow.

I really don't know they found the rice noodles, but they did.  The yard is a big place, and the food was frozen so it didn't give off a very big smell.  Yet I found these crows digging out rice noodles out of the snow.  I really don't know how they found the small amount of food so quickly.

The reason that they are in the tree, is that they were spooked when I moved the Venetian blind on the window to photograph them.

Ripped From The Headlines -- Suicide Radio

This short story was inspired by the headlines of the British nurse who committed suicide after being pranked by a couple of Australian deejays.  The fictional character in this story was inspired by the story as well as the front page tabloid picture of a man about to be killed by a New York subway train.

The wannabe shock jock will take things to the next level as a shock jock.

On Amazon Kindle as an eBook.

What Silver Bells and Christmas Time actually Sounds like

Did you ever wonder about the Christmas carol called "Silver Bells" and what the silver bells would actually sound like.  Here are the sounds of silver bells in this short video.  It's Christmas time in the city.  Ring a ling.  Here them ring.  Soon it will be Christmas day. Enjoy.

Video of Hand Feeding Chipmunk with tail bitten off

This chipmunk had its tail bitten off by a cat.  It was still brave enough to come and take a peanut from my hand. I just uploaded this video to my youtube channel.   Have a look at my other videos as well.

Interesting technique for photographing fall leaves

(click for larger image)

I was out walking towards dusk with my camera and I came across some amazing fall colors in a small oak sapling growing by the side of the dirt road.  As I lined up the shot, my flash fired due to the waning light conditions.

I kept photographing the leaves, and I was amazed at the stark visual effects of flash photography for leaves.  It is a situation that never occurred to me before and some of the photos are stunning with the black contrast in the background.

Foreign Firms Advisory For Doing Business in the Bahamas

Pictured above is Bradley Roberts.  He is the chairman of the ruling PLP party in the Bahamas under Perry Christie.  A few days ago, he announced that the government is cancelling a Reverse Osmosis contract that it signed with a foreign based company to provide water in New Providence.

This comes on the heels of the PLP party who just gained an election win earlier this year in the Bahamas, would renegotiate the privatization deal that the previous administration concluded with Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation when it sold 51% to Cable & Wireless operating under the Lime Brand.

It seems that this parochial government is playing petty politics and tribalism when it comes to honoring contracts that it has signed with foreign companies.  Cynics claims that the party and hence the government is cancelling these contracts to re-award them to partisan hacks.  This government when it was in power from 2002 until 2007 was one of the most corrupt in modern Bahamian history with the Shane Gibson/ Anna Nicole Smith fiasco, the cabinet minister with a closet full of money, a rock-em, sock-em fight between Cabinet ministers, huge losses at the Ministry of Housing and widespread corruption through every facet of the government.  Many of those same corrupt ministers and members of Parliament have been re-elected.

Foreign companies wanting to do business in the Bahamas, face several risks, but the biggest one is that they could see their contracts nullified on a political whim.

Motorcycle Cop Nailed By Hit & Run Driver

(click for larger image)

A motorcycle cop was nailed by a hit and run driver in Freeport, Bahamas on Grand Bahama Island.  He was taken to hospital.  There is no official word on his injuries.  Because the motor vehicle licence number system is not in an electronic database, it is hard for police to run licence plate numbers, find stolen vehicles or track down hit and run drivers.

I will update this entry if I hear anything else about this.

Superstition Experiment - Itchy Palm Means Money ?

Last night I had a super itchy palm that wouldn't go away.  It itched for no reason.  I remembered an old wives tale about an itchy palm means money coming your way or money going out.  Since my right palm was itchy, I googled around.  One person said that right palm itchy means money coming in and left palm itchy means money going out.  This was based supposedly on energy, and to get rid of the energy you had to touch wood.

In the comments section of his post, all sorts of people commented that in different countries, the meaning was the opposite.  If your left palm itched then you would be getting money and if your right palm itched, then you would be paying out.

So I am conducting a public experiment.  My right palm was itching.  If I get a bill before I get some money, I will let you know.  If you don't see an update to this post, it means that the old wives tale is full of booshwa.  After all, it is bad luck to be superstitious.

Christmas Jollification

(Click for larger image)

The Bahamas National Trust holds Christmas Jollification every year on their ground in the Retreat on Village Road in Nassau.  It is largely a paean to Christmas crafts, gift buying, music, being social,  merchandising and the imbibition of alcohol -- all of the traditional values of Christmas.  It's something to do on a weekend in Nassau.  I have had a lot of fun at these in the past.

Beating A Dead Horse -- Horse Dies in the Street

When you end up in Nassau in the Bahamas, please don't take a horse-drawn surrey ride.  The horses are starved, mal-treated and are treated cruelly.  Bahamians as a rule are very unenlightened when it comes to animals.  Potcakes (feral dogs) run wild in the streets and are pounded flat into the pavement when they are hit by cars.  No one gives these animals any dignity.  Many many times, my wife would roll down the window and shout "STOP BEATING YOUR DOG" to indigenous Bahamians.

The horse-drawn carriage trade is horrendous.  They charge tourists $60 for a ride around Nassau.  The horses are mal-nourished.  They have ribs showing.  Half of the watering spigots at the surrey stand do not work.  There are rules stating that rides may not be given during the hot hours of 1-3 PM, yet these rules are not obeyed.  When you shout at them to get off the streets, they sass you and say "you takin' bread frum my mout'".

This is a street scene from yesterday in the Bahamas.  A horse pulling a surrey died it in the street.  A truck was called, the legs were tied together, and the carcass will be towed away to rot somewhere.  There are no animal rendering plants in the Bahamas.

So please spread the word.  If you arrive on a cruise ship in Nassau, please don't take a horse drawn carriage or surrey ride.  Please, for the love of animals.

How Obama Won the Election

(Click For Larger Image)

This electoral map shows exactly how Obama won the Election.  It takes into account Mitt Romney, red states, blue states, Florida, the CNN factor, the gibberish of Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump and the Rape Guys.

It looks like America has come to its senses.

Virtual Winter Holiday at the Beach

With the onset of the cold weather, I thought that I would give my readers a virtual beach holiday.  So enjoy.  This is what the beach would look like now.  (Photos taken at Junkanoo Beach Bahamas)

The Refreshment Shack

Buy those sexy beach drinks, and even men too can have a tramp stamp.

Painted coconut trees.  Why?

Paradise Island Lighthouse in the background.

The ubiquitous tee shirt shack.

Buying a conch shell seems like a good idea until you get it home.

Shack mural.

Another framed view of the Paradise Island lighthouse.

Junkanoo Beach is not a very big beach.  Sort of a son of a beach.

The cruise ships at Prince George Wharf.

Lovely beach scenery.


How Republicans Want Women To Dress

The Republican Party, in advance of the election have issued a new dress code for women if they are elected.  It is pictured above.  They also announced that women will no longer be able to have in vitro fertilization.  They will not be able to have abortions.  If they are raped, then they must carry the child, and raise it because it is the will of god.

The Republicans go on to say that there will be a different set of rules for the rich folk and the rest of the folk.  And for the average Joe, the Taliban had some pretty good ideas.

The Latinos will all self-deport unless they are not finished picking lettuce, and the black kids from the ghetto will now be the janitors in their school.  The pope will be the last word on sexual practices for women, especially child rearing, and if your are sick, it is too damn bad.  Die because health care is not a right, it is a privilege.

So please vote Republican.  They are the most qualified to lead America into the Dark Ages.

Harsh Winter Ahead?

The old timers and apparently the Indians used to say that they could judge how bad the winter would by how fuzzy the caterpillars are.

Well, I have been seeing a pile of fuzzy caterpillars lately, and they all have an inordinate amount of fuzz on them.  They are the fuzziest that I have seen in years.

So according to the old sayings, we will be in for a tough winter.  Let's see if this turns out to be true.

Good Digital Reads: Chevron of The Thurifer -- Kindle Book

Good Digital Reads: Chevron of The Thurifer -- Kindle Book: There are a few intriguing things about this book.  The first is the title.  Most people don't know what a thurifer is.  But they would immediately know if they smelled one... (Read More) 

Get the book:

Amazing Animal Pictures Part III

Here are some more amazing animal pictures.  This will be the last of the series.  If you want to see the entire series, go to the labels, and click on the animals tag.

Come on in, the water's fine.

Holy Moley, does that thing bite?

Cute as a button.

Force Majeure.  It's a cat eat dog world out there.

In the spirit of cooperation ...

What time is it Mr. Fish?

These are all my great great great great great grandkids.

Do you nose anything good lately?


Why The Catholic Church Has Become Irrelevant

The Roman Catholic church has lost its way.  This is a copy of an email that was sent to the archbishop.  Of course there was no response.  Ironically, the archdiocese has a button on its website begging for money.

I must say that I choke when I see the words on the website that Archdiocese of ********* serves the people of God in the archdiocese.  That has not been the case at St.************* Parish.  The hypocrisy of those words is shown in the actions of the parish priest.

My mother died and was buried on September 11th and it is just now where the anger at the parish and the church has subsided enough to write this email.  My mother was a devout Catholic who lived her faith every day.  While she was able, she attended mass almost every day.  Throughout her life, she tithed the family income and gave it to the church even though we were a large poor Catholic family.  Many a day for days on end, all there was for supper was pasta and margarine, but the church got 10% of my father's meager wages nonetheless.

When my mother and father could no longer keep up the house, they picked an apartment that was walking distance to the church.  My mother and father made devotional objects for the missions, and the church was central in their lives.

So when my mother passed away, rather than being the Good Shepherds, the parish priest told us that there was already another funeral on the date, and he would NOT do another.  My sisters were left scrambling to find another priest, and they found a retired priest who would do the service.  The parish of St. ********** charged that priest $300 for the use of the church to conduct my mother's funeral, even though she was an avid parishioner.  The hypocrisy and outright simony is disgusting.

The pastor is acting as a clerk in a financial transaction working union hours.  This behaviour is disgusting and in no way reflects any Christian values or the teachings of Jesus.

I don't expect this email to have any effect at all as the church has no history of abjuring its egregious actions that are contrary to its stated Christian principles.

I can't see how any priests could use the term "Pastoral Care" and behave as above.  Disgusting.

Amazing Animal Pictures Part 3

Here are some more amazing animal pictures:

Birds of a Feather?

Oooooh that's cold!

Nirvana -- a hedgehog with a strawberry.

Simply -- WOW !!!!

Curled and cosy!

Okay -- everyone to their corner!

I ain't afraid of you.

The color of the surroundings has gotten in my blood!

Animals are amazing.  Enjoy!

Amazing Animal Pictures Part II

Here are some more amazing animal pictures.  Click on the pictures for a larger image

A New Home for the Family

Looks like upside down birthday candles on a pinata.

We all have problems giving up the things of childhood.

Flower child.

Happy with the new paint job.

Department of Redundancy Department.

Friends no matter how your body changes.

Everyone always gets concerned when the ambulance shows up.

Doesn't this seal the deal?

Who says that dogs are a man's best friend?

The ice cubes are the best part of the drink.

Mother and child reunion.

The unveiling!

The big scary world is safer with friends.

Enjoy !!!