John Deere Tractor Pulling Rare Combine

This is a rare John Deere 6601 combine being pulled by a John Deere 4430 tractor. It is harvesting a cover crop of oats that was planted over clover and timothy for hay next year. The camera even gets a view of the chaff being ejected from behind the combine.

Piper J-3 Cub on Floats

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I photographed this classic, vintage aircraft docked at the edge of a northern lake. Nothing says "North Country" like a plane of floats. This conjures up visions of a time-gone-by where the untamed north country offered adventure and fishing beyond your wildest dreams.

Gone Fishing

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As the summer winds down, the summer days for fishing are slowly dwindling away. Here two fisherman with a unique square stern SportsPal aluminum canoe and trolling motor head out on a northern lake.

The foam bumpers on the gunwales are a classic Sportspal feature.

Software Stream of Consciousness: Where is Facebook Stock Price Going

Software Stream of Consciousness: Where is Facebook Stock Price Going: Where is Faceboook Stock Price going? Everyone wants to know. Here are a couple of charts that I want to show you with some rudimentary technical analysis (READ MORE)

Effects of the Drought

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Drought you ask? What drought? This paddle boat has just run aground a little. Actually the water levels in lakes, ponds and reservoirs are the lowest that have been seen in years.

It's kind of scary as to how little water there is around. Here's hoping for an easing of temperatures, and a lot more rain in the forecast. Farmers are having it real bad with the lack of precipitation.

World Exclusive -- Paul Ryan Shirtless

World Exclusive photo of Rep. Paul Ryan shirtless. Due to popular demand, we must make the following disclaimer ...



**** not exactly as illustrated ................

World's Scariest Swimming Pool

So you are at a hotel and Singapore, and you decided to go for a swim in the swimming pool on the penthouse floor. It looks okay as you get in the pool, but as you swim to the end and look down, you are suddenly in the sky, seeing the street below, suspended by the water holding up your body. The world's scariest swimming pool. I'd like to try it. !!

Trishna - Movie Review

I went to see the movie Trishna last night. It is a story based on Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, but set in modern day India. An interesting transposition.

The acting by Freida Pinto is superb as well as the acting by Riz Ahmed. Pinto gives a more compelling performance.

The scenery of India is spectacular. The cinematography is extremely good but rather uninspired. The story follow the story line of Tess with a few major deviations, but it is still true to form of the major plot.

It's not a happy film, and the story is not a happy one. I myself found the film dragging in places and checked my watched after 85 minutes.

I give this movie a 5.6 -6 out of ten, mainly for the shots of India and the acting of Freida Pinto, but it didn't leave me with a satisfied feeling. And it is a very very dark film.

Product Review - Sensodyne Foaming Gel

Have you noticed that there is a shortage in all of the stores of Sensodyne toothpaste without fluoride? I was asked to buy some if I saw it, and I found myself in a drug store, and saw this small canister of Sensodyne toothpaste gel. I thought that it was a neat idea to have a spray can of tooth gel, so I bought it. It cost me six bucks.

When I took it to the person that asked me to buy it, they looked at it and said that it contained fluoride. No problem, I used the can myself.

Well, it turned out to be a pretty good toothpaste gel. It lasted a fairly long time, seemed to clean my teeth well and wasn't as messy as a regular tube of toothpaste. The can said that it had whitening ingredients and they seemed to work too. All in all, it is a good product. The only thing that would prevent me from buying it again, is the price. If you are not price conscious, it is a recommend in my books.

As usual, I wasn't paid to endorse this, nor did I receive any compensation of any kind for doing so.

Breaking News: First Picture Beamed Back From Mars

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The Mars rover Curiosity had a harrowing 7 minute ride to the surface of Mars. The rover is the size of an SUV, and the first grainy picture beamed back was a thumbnail from a guidance camera. It is pictured here.

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam at the main airport called Schiphol Airport, and I was blown away by several facts about the airport.

The name Schiphol means Ship's Graveyard. Where the airport lies was once a large shallow lake and violent storms would whip up and sink any ships on the lake.

So the Dutch drained the lake and reclaimed the land. As a result, the airport is 11 feet BELOW sea level, with the water being held back by dykes.


Liquid Wrench By Gunk ~ Product Review and Endorsement

I just love it when a product works the way that it is supposed to. I had a reverse osmosis tap on the sink come off its moorings. Water had dripped down and the nut was corroded, calcified, mummified and fried. I tried putting a wrench to it, and the nut was stuck. The copper piping started to bend with the force. I couldn't let the pipe bend because it would destroy the fixture.

I tried WD40 on it several times and nada -- nothing. Then I remembered a three year old container of Liquid Wrench by Gunk in the workshop. One drop and the nut came loose easily. Love it. Saved a lot of time, sweat and cursing.

I was not paid to endorse this product, nor did I receive any kind of encouragement or compensation to do so. I just love it when a product works better than expected. And yeah, I am a little disappointed in my old standby - WD 40. I think this definitively answers what is better, Liquid Wrench or WD 40.

Statue of a Dead Batman in Scotland?

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Robert the Bruce was the first king of the Scots. He was a noble warrior, and is considered a national hero in Scotland. I snapped this photograph in the Bruce Chapel of Saint Conan's Church on the shores of Loch Awe in Scotland. It is the Robert The Bruce Chapel and Ossuary homage.

In the wall of the pedestal supporting the statue of Robert the Bruce, there is a small ossuary or bone container holding a relic of the king. It is visible in this photograph above the table in the middle foreground of this picture.

This really looks like a statue of dead Batman, and with the lighting, it looks like the dark knight.

If Browsers Were Guns

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I have been developing web apps for a long time, and one of the biggest issues is browser compatibility. Not all things work the same, or even work between different types of browsers. One of my colleagues sent me this graphic, and anyone who has any experience at all will know that although this chart is funny, it is true.