More Anti-Obama Crap from the Deep South

The above came in my email inbox again.  I tell you, Deep South Conservatives are a bunch of redneck hillbillies with an IQ of about the size of their boots.  They are armed and dangerous.  And if brain were gun powder, they wouldn't have enough to blow their noses.  Yet they have enough firepower to destroy a small army (of possums and squirrels, which go immediately into the stew pot).

Fake Obama Student Card

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The racist anti-Obama birther asshats are at it again.  Circulating in the emails is a picture entitled "Look what was found" with a note saying that it would not be long before the Government suppressed this.

These redneck rectums who distribute this crap know that it is made up.  However, they still can't believe that a Black man won the presidency twice.  The card is made out to a Barry Soetoro which is supposed to imply that Barack Obama was a foreign student attending Columbia using his father's name in 1981?  

The card has been faked.  Columbia actually didn't issue those types of cards until the 1990's and this particular one with that number was issued to a Thomas Lugert in 1998.  See below.

There is no hope for America as long as you have these lying, racist asshats from the Deep South circulating this crap.  What a bunch of retards.

Hunting Down The Boston Bomber

Software Stream of Consciousness: Hunting Down The Boston Bomber: I was shocked and dismayed that someone would bomb the Boston Marathon.  The marathon is the ultimate example of how to triumph in Life b...Read more ...

Love Spoon Wood Carving by Gerald Hiles

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This is a wood carving in bass wood by Gerald Hiles.  It is a love spoon.  The lovespoon is a traditional craft that dates back to the seventeenth century. Over generations, decorative carvings were added to the spoon and it lost its original practical use and became a treasured decorative item to be hung on a wall. The earliest known dated lovespoon from Wales, displayed in the St Fagans National History Museum near Cardiff, is from 1667, although the tradition is believed to date back long before that. The earliest dated lovespoon worldwide originates from Germany, and is dated as 1664.

I have previously profiled this artist's work in wild life carvings.  He is 80 years old.

Cinco de Mayo

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In spite of all of the shortcomings of the Bahamas as a country, they have had an environmental presence since the 1950's with the Bahamas National Trust.  That is why I support them.  If you are in the Bahamas on May 4 or May 5, please go the Retreat on Village Road and support them.  A visit to the Retreat alone is worth it.  Thank you.

Happiness Pictures

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When I feel that I am languishing in the tropics, I look at these pictures of Canada's northland to make me happy.  Here on the islands, you cannot drive to anywhere for long and you cannot drive fast.  You cannot hear the tires sing under you as the scenery whizzes by.  The soft warm summer days are not oppressively hot in the north, and the lakes, rivers and streams are beautiful.

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Even the beaver meadows look appealling, calm and serene.  These are truly happiness pictures for me.

Business Card From 1927

I shared an airplane ride with the wife of the last remaining member of this business that grew out of cattle buying for the markets of Chicago, and turned into a cattle ranching conglomerate out West.  This was a business card of theirs from 1927.  The back of it has a map of where they operated and the front is one of the most descriptive business cards with the most words that I have ever seen.

Bahamas Answer to Gangnam Style

My Bahamian friend runs a bus company.  His name is Reuben Rahming.  He posted this video as Bahamas Answer to Gangnam Style.  Enjoy.

Vintage Boat Motor


This motor was a carry-along fishing boat motors made by OMC from 1952 to 1967.  It weighs 32 pounds, and delivers three horsepower.  It is all metal.  There is not one piece of plastic on it.  The motor is a basic twin cylinder two-cycle design used on many Johnson/Evinrude motors through the years.  There tank holds 2/3 gallon of gas contained in the gravity fed tank on the top. There are no gears.  Pulling the rope and cranking the engine turns the propeller. The prop is at an angle so the motor can be tilted up for shallow water.  This motor was a simple, rugged reliable motor and many of them are still in operation today.

Redneck Life

A reader sent me some photos of redneck life.  Here is a sampling of Southern life on a shoestring with not a lot of style sense.

Click on any of them for a larger image.

We are calling this the virtual roof-top racks.

Bass fishing in an economic but comfortable boat.

The house of a redneck protologist.

Tennessee lottery winner.

A real hot tub.

Note the pregnant bride with the cigarette.  Who's the one with the most sense in this pic -- the dog!

A stretch pickup.  Great for carrying all of your relatives.

Moving on up!

Redneck babysitter.

Going out in style.

Nothing like a creek cruise.

Every redneck's dream and fantasy.

Call this a grass chopper.

The kind of girl you want to bring home to mom.  Wait a minute, this is mom.


I'll bet that this guy is a real treat to sleep with.

Words fail me.

Now this is really a good idea.  Green. Environmental.

Wedding cake bliss.

And speaking of weddings.

Upper cabin.


Latest Pope TeeShirt

Can we be Frank with Pope Francis.  He is turning out to be a nice guy.  Here is the latest souvenir tee shirt from the Vatican.  Enjoy.

My Cat Won The Lottery and Moved to the Bahamas

This is a video of my cat.  She won the lottery and moved to the Bahamas.  Enjoy the video.

The View Outside My Window This Morning

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This was the view outside my window this morning in Nassau.  The weather has been cool for the past few days.  Windy too!

It is a little easier to get around the city these days with a lot of the major road construction that has been going on for the past two years is nearing completion.  The infrastructure renewal started by the previous government is showing dividends in the ability to get around the island.

Even with the Carifta Games on in the Bahamas, the traffic is no worse than usual.

Writer's Block

This photo is self explanatory.  I call it writer's block.  It says it all.