Mammoth Piece of Nougat or Halvah

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I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing.  I was looking at the biggest piece of nougat (also known as halvah)  that I had even seen.  There must have been several pounds of pistachios in it.  It is amazing stuff and a sweet tooth dream.

The Crappiest Shaving Gel in The World

My usual shaving foam comes in a big spray can.  It is wonderful.  My last can of it was confiscated at the airport in the Cayman Islands when I left my main luggage in Nassau and did a quick day trip. I put the shaving cream in my carry-on, and because of the size of the container, it was confiscated.  So I was travelling again to the islands.  I wanted a small compact squeeze tube.  This thing with a brand name of Bodico seemed to fit the bill.

When I first opened and used it, I was astounded.  It wasn't a gel at all.  It was a watery liquid soup.  It had the consistency of dish soap without the lather.  As I pressed on and shaved it it, it made the razor glide over the whiskers.  After the shave, I had a stubble.  Pure and total crap.

The Poetry Dog -- and a piece of doggerel

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Wow, talk about dog squared.  This dog is holding a piece of doggerel.  The definition of doggerel is:

Comic verse composed in irregular rhythm.

And the doggerel that this dog is holding is:

I eat my peas with honey,
I've done it all my life. 
It does taste kind of funny 
But it saves me from the strife,
Of chasing my peas all over the floor,
Under the table and out the door!

The poetry dog belongs to my niece and her name is Abby.

Funny Translation

I saw this literal computer translation of a hotel review written in German and translated by Google Translate.  It is hilarious:

Due to our delayed flight, we reached the hotel after midnight. Part of our family had lunch already checked in, but then was out all day was. After we brought our kids (11 +12 +20) into the bed and came into the other room, our people were just busy with a hunt for bed bugs! After a complaint with the night porter / in two new rooms were a higher floor offered us. After the tour, we found that although there are (perhaps) no bed bugs, but so bad that the smell of a room flooding with sewage that night would be impossible. Our kids so we let her sleep and placed us with the hope that they will not be bothered by the blood suckers to bed. When I then almost fell asleep around 2:30 am, I was awakened by a bite in the ass again from the slumber sleep! For an hour we were looking for - "just" a bug on the bed and discovered are then still asleep with a burning light of sheer fatigue. The best is yet only: In the morning the manager came up with the assertion that we have even introduced the bugs as we determined directly from New York would come and there is full of them! But since we had more, we have not fought long and went away ... I think as a joke you have ever experienced! Stay away! Never again!

The assbite line was the one that got me.

If I Ran A Hedgefund or a Private Equity Firm

If I ran a private equity firm or a hedge fund, I would create the next French billionaire and I would share in his success.  So who will be the next French billionaire?  It will be the guy who runs the company that puts in a chain of 24 hour convenience stores in every town and village and France.  I can't believe that one has trouble buying anything between 2 and 4 PM or after 9 PM in a small town.  That's number one.

Number two, is that I would back the new breed of cosmetics firms.  They would be beauti-ceuticals -- organic cosmetics that have a pharmaceutical pedigree.  But I would use the model of exclusivity -- it's not for ugly or poor women.

I have a whole black book of things that I would invest in.  Now to find a capital pool.

Unique Webcam

I walked into a friends study and looked at his computer.  There was this thing that looked like an old fashioned telephone.  A closer look showed that it was his webcam for his desktop.  These things are going to be passe soon, because of the built-in units in laptops and flat screen monitors.

Scenic Maritime Village

(click on image for full panoramic view)

This is a high res panoramic view of a scenic, bucolic maritime village.  You have to click on it to get the full effect of the shot.  Enjoy.

1858 Starr Percussion Cap Revolver

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I came across this Starr .44 caliber Double Action Percussion Revolver from 1858.  It is a Civil War era pistol that fired a 138 grain bullet using 33 grains of powder.  There were over 21,000 of these made.

This pistol would be worth about $1,000 however someone hacked up the stock and carved it full of cross hatches in a clumsy manner.

This gun has appeared in movies like Rambo, First Blood.  Clint Eastwood carried this gun in Unforgiven and Kevin Costner carried this gun in the movie Wyatt Earp.

Garden Accessory That Needs Manufacturing

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Looking for your next business idea?  Here is something that would sell.  A friend collects antiques.  This is a wrought iron planter on wheels.  I think that it was originally a gizmo to carry heavy loads and someone welded some plant shelves on it.  I think that this would be a great seller if it were mass produced.

The Latest Rage -- Fish Pedicure

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The latest rage is a fish pedicure.  Your feet are washed, then immersed into a tank of tiny one inch fish.  They attach themselves to your feet and eat off the dying skin cells off your feet.  You pay a good price for this.

I haven't tried it yet.  I am afraid of causing a fish kill.

Bahamas National Trust

I am a supporter of the Bahamas National Trust.  Please visit their website, read their new strategic plan and please donate some money to them.  You can find there website at:

Thank You.

Here are some of my latest pictures of the Bahamas: (click to enlarge)

Antique Ice Cream Vending Wagon

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This is a funky, old ice cream wagon used to sell ice cream on the streets.  It had two insulated jar-like containers and was filled with ice.  It only sold two flavors.  The containers looked like they were brass or bronze.  I am not sure that the metal came into contact with the ice cream or not.

Very Quaint Maritime House

This cedar-shake house is from a bygone era, but it is distinctly Maritimes in flavor. At one point it was modified to have the sliding big doors on it.  One wonders if it was a commercial venture, or it was converted to a garage after it ceased to be a residence.

It would make a great haunted house for Halloween.

American Airlines Scam

If you can't download ticket move this message to  "Inbox" folder.
    American Airlines
Customer NotificationYour bought ticket is attached to the letter as a scan document.
To use your ticket you should Download It .
TicketSeatDate / Time of DepartureFlight TimeArrivingRefBagForm of paymentTotal Price
EH127992033634E/ZONE 329 MAY, 2013, 10:27AM09:35Lake CityEF6463 ST / OK1PCCC255.55 USD
Thank you for your attention, AA Team.
American Airlines 2013

 The spammer scammers are trying different things.  I got this email telling me that my airline ticket was ready.  They even told me to move the email out of the Spam folder and then "download my ticket".  Yeah Right !!! Download a virus more like it.  Notice that the arrival is to Lake City.  Another  made up name.

Don't click on anything no matter how enticing it sounds.  If you didn't order it, it will hurt you.

Maritime Churches

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I have been quite busy lately shuttling between the Bahamas and the East Coast, and I have to say, that the East Coast is scenic and pretty.   I like the architecture of the churches.  The steeples resemble lighthouses or sea lookouts.  These two churches are just a few miles apart.

Final Photo -- Tamerlan Tsarnaev Death

I don't know how I became the gruesome blog for serial killers like Karla Homolka and the Michael Jackson autopsy photo.  I really didn't mean it to end up this way.  It all started when I printed an article from a Bahamas newspaper one day in my office near Harbour Bay in Nassau.  It grew from there.

Well, another reader has sent me the final photo of Boston Marathon bomber, Muslim nutbar and terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  The image is gross, ugly and gruesome, but if you want to see it, click on the link.

I warned you.

The Coca Cola Company Spam Scan

The latest in spam scams hitting my email inbox is the Coca Cola Company spam scam.  Someone is pretending to be the Coke folks and guess what, I have won a million pounds.  And if I don't send it to a special email address, my prize will be fortified instead of forfeited.  I guess the folks at Coke can't spell.  Once again, this is funny, but people are taken in by this.  Beware.

Coca-Cola Company of England
Kenmore Rd 41B Park, Wakefield, West
Yorkshire WF2 0XR, ENGLAND
United Kingdom
Contact: +44 8719157924

We are delighted to inform you that your email address has luckily emerged as
a winner of the Coca-Cola Company Promotion/ the year 2013 award and has won
you One Million Great British Pounds (GBP  1, 000,000.00) For claims, send
code 344521 to Coca-Cola  Regional claims agent,  Mrs. Elizabeth Owen. By
E-mail ( } {+44  8719157924) with the information
stated below to validate your claims:

Your Full Name:............................................
Phone Number:..............................................

WARNING: The above information's should be sent only to  immediately otherwise your winning prize will be
deemed fortified by you and will be returned to Coca-Cola Company as unclaimed.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Lius Mark

Copyright ©2013 Coca-Cola Company, All rights reserved