Funny House For Sale Sign

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This came across my desk yesterday.  It came from a Texan friend of mine.  I can relate because his neighbor is an asshole who ran a meth lab next door to his home.

Why is the hospital killing veterans?

I was looking at the CNN website and I came across this item.  It says "Hospital delays killing veterans".  The first thought was, why are hospitals killing veterans?  How many were they planning to kill?  Why were they delaying in killing them?  Then it struck me, it is the delays in treatment that is killing veterans, and not the hospital itself in an active way.

This was another example of weird headlines that you used to see on the Tonight Show.  The headline is so ambiguous, that I thought that the hospitals were planning on dispatching a pile of veterans and they were delayed in the act.

Costco Labels The Bible as Fiction

Man, the pundits had a field day with this one.  Almost every news story said that Costco had a "Come to Jesus" moment when some Bibles were labeled as fiction in an LA area store.  It was a story and picture that went viral.

One pundit went on to say that she would consider altering her idea of the propriety of that label if she could attend a book signing by the author.  This brings out the comedian in everyone.

Fishing for Stingray or Shark -- The Correct Sized Hook

If you ever thought that you would like to go fishing for shark or stingray, and wondered what size hook that you would need, the photo gives you the answer of what is the proper size hook for that.  Good luck.

Visitors Guide To Nassau

If you arrive in Nassau the Bahamas on holidays, or come on a cruise ship for a Caribbean cruise and wonder what to do, this is the booklet for you.  It is on Amazon.  It tells you where to go, what to see, what to do, where to eat, where not to go, where you will get hurt or ripped off.

If you are in Nassau for a few hours or a few days and wondered what to do, what to see, where to go in the Bahamas, this eBook is for you.

Lindsay Lohan Photoshopped

Lindsay Lohan's hard lifestyle is beginning to show on her face and the photoshop experts worked long and hard on this one.  Not only did they scrape down her face and remove the wrinkles, pimples and freckles, but they had to whiten the bloodshot eyes as well.  Compared to the before photo, in the after she looks like a plastic mannequin.

Kate Moss Photoshopped

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This is another in the series of how publicists, magazines and photographers photoshop the pics of celebrities.  The before and after picture of Kate Moss is a real good example of how images are enhanced.  The party and drugs lifestyle is catching up to the 40 year old Moss.

Vegetarian Piranha

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Who would have thunk it?  A vegan piranha?  Pictured above is Tometes camunani.   It was discovered in Brazil's Trombetas River basin and is a herbivorous species of piranha.  Will wonders never cease? What next - a granola-eating tiger?

The Crack Smoking Mayor of Toronto

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This is a new picture of crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, with his Toronto Argonuts sweater.  I don't know why the city tolerates him.

The Miracle Jesus Statue of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philipines

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Local Catholics are calling it a miracle.  Typhoon Haiyan swept through Tacloban in the Philippines, killing thousands and wreaking destruction in its path.  However a statue of Jesus was untouched and pristine.  This is a photograph of the "miracle" statue.

Jennifer Aniston Photoshopped

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This is how the photoshop artists make Jennifer Aniston lok younger.  The wrinkles were removed and the skin was lightened as well as the saturation given a slight crank.  Nothing from Hollywood is real.

Another Plane Crash Kills 4 in the Bahamas

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This Cirrus SR22 flown by Tony Wishart of Indianapolis, Indiana crashed yesterday a few miles from the tower of Grand Bahama Island.  The ironic part is this plane is equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), an emergency parachute capable of lowering the entire aircraft (and occupants) to the ground in an emergency.  There was no time to deploy as the pilot reported engine trouble shortly after take-off.

Photo Gallery of the Finest of the NRA

Here is a gallery of the finest members of the National Rifle Association, the NRA and the gun lobby in America.  God Bless America.

How they photoshopped Katy Perry

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Ahhh the wonders of photoshop for celebrity pictures.  Here Katy Perry has a dermabrasion job on her pineapple skin face.

The before and after pictures are quite dramatic.  It's hard to tell what's real anymore unless you are present in person.

Drowning on Cabbage Beach in the Bahamas

An American employee on a cruise ship drowned in the undertow and surf on Cabbage Beach yesterday.  Apparently he was warned by police patrolling the beach to stay out of the water.  Here his friend and onlookers gather around his dead body before the ambulance arrived.

Must-Have App for Visiting Nassau

If you have an Android tablet or phone, and you are visiting Nassau, you must have this new app that is available on Amazon.

This is the real dope, the Nassau Insider Cruise Guide that gives you the inside information on how to enjoy your stay in Nassau, whether you are arriving on a cruise ship for a few hours or going for an extended holiday:
It can be downloaded from this URL:

Even if you have been to Nassau several times, you will benefit from this guide.  It tells you what is worth your while and your money and what isn't.  This is a must-have.

  • Where to go in Nassau
  • What to see in Nassau
  • What to do in Nassau (for a few hours or a few days)
  • How not to get ripped off
  • Where not to go
  • What tours are worthwhile
  • Cautions and Warnings
  • Safety Tips
  • Embassy Contact
  • What food you must try
  • What food you must not try
  • Drinks, Alcoholic and not
  • The complete Cruiser's Guide.

Another Plane Crash in the Bahamas

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A plane crashed into the water at Staniel Cay in the Bahamas the day before yesterday.  The pilot and passenger suffered just minor injuries and walked (swam) away from the partially submerged aircraft shown above.

These sorts of private aircraft incidences have been occurring more frequently in the Bahamas this year.  In Abaco, a medical evac pilot was killed when he ran into vehicles parked near the runway to light the unlit runway with headlights.

If you are a private pilot going to the Bahamas, be aware that infrastructure for pleasure flying is crumbling and deteriorating, and expect the unexpected while landing, taking off and flying through the Bahamas.

Marilyn Manson Without Makeup

Goth Rocker from the 1990's Marilyn Manson, who's real name is Brian Hugh Warner always appeared with strange makeup.  He took his name from combining Marilyn Monroe and mass murderer Charles Manson.

He recently had a cameo TV gig on HBO as a roller-skating waiter.  This is what Manson looks like without his signature makeup:

What would Justin Bieber's Mother Say

Justin Bieber is seen leaving a brothel called Centauros in Brazil.  He apparently paid $500 for sex with two girls.  What would his born-again Christian mother say?  Man, the fact that he would even pay for sex is beyond me.  He could have it with groupies for free.

A Centaur is a half man, half horse.  In this case, Bieber is neither man nor horse -- more like my Little Pony.  Oh, the pleasures of the flesh will be the downfall of this young man yet -- as his mother would say.  Wonder if he learned what a Brazilian was while in a Brazilian cat house?

Autumn Around the World Slowly Coming To An End

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This is a view of a lake in Ladvi, the Czech Republic taken last week.  It has been warm in Europe delaying the coloring of the leaves of the deciduous forests.  However, even in Europe, autumn or fall is slowly coming to an end and soon winter will be on its way.

Hope you enjoy this magnificent shot of fall colors.

Bahamas Fire Department using State of the Art Equipment

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Here the Bahamas Fire Department uses state of the art equipment to put out a forest fire.  If the fire was any bigger they would need to double their budget and buy another garden hose and plastic bucket.

Vintage Animated Gifs IV -- The Spider

Now isn't this little guy so gosh-darn cute.

This spider animated gife is another vintage animated gif from my collection.