I still think that one of the pilots did it!

As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 drags on, I am more convinced than ever, that either the pilot or co-pilot deliberately flew the plane to oblivion.  I don't buy the "heroic" pilot narrative where the pilot turned the plane around and then they all died inside with the plane carrying on with autopilot.

If the plane were in trouble, they would not have turned at GPS way points.  And now, with new evidence that the plane flew faster than predicted for hours, that means that they had to fly max to avoid passenger suspicion.

Will MH370 be found?  Probably.  It may take a while.  Perhaps it may take a long while.  However when all is said and done, the only logical explanation is that one of the pilots illogically scuttled the plane with all lives.

The Last Pictures From Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Sigh.  It didn't take long.  A reader sent me these pics purporting to be the last pics taken aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.  The supposed back story is that a Samoan fisherman caught a fish.  When he gutted the fish, there was a memory card inside and these pictures were on it.  Supposedly the last pics from Flight MH370.

I doubt it.  These are the same pics that were supposedly the last pics from the Air France flight that disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Cold War is Back Painting

(click on picture for a larger image)

This is a vintage painting from the 1970's when the Cold War was on.  With Russia's imperialistic designs on Crimea, and expulsion from the G8, this painting of the whispers in the Kremlin is suddenly topical again.  This is an amazing monochromatic painting that says it all when it comes to Russia.

Fabulous Deals At The Auto Auction

(click on picture for larger image)

I am convinced that the way to go to buy a used car, is at an auto auction where the general public is allowed.  Both dealers and public attend and the prices are wholesale rather than retail so you get the used car at rock bottom prices.

This sweet little VW GTI went for $6,900 and there was plenty of driving left in this car.

Batting 1000 in MH370 Predictions

The world is abuzz with the latest possible find of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 by the Australians.  This is the diagram that they have released.

I have been making inferences all along, and two days ago, using logical inferences, I predicted that the search should start some 2,000 kilometers off Perth in Australia.  I published this map in the blog entry Software Stream of Consciousness: Batting 1000 in MH370 Predictions: :

Well some possible wreckage has been sited some 2,260 kilometers off Perth.  My inferences were within roughly 10 percent of where the possible wreckage was found.

If it turns out to be MH370, then I have batted 1000 on my inferences.  

Again, time will tell.

Copied from:
Software Stream of Consciousness: Batting 1000 in MH370 Predictions:

That blog has made amazingly accurate correct predictions as to the scenarios for MH370 days before the authorities have come out with the real story.  See the blog here:

  Software Stream of Consciousness:

Surgeon General's Warning - Lapdogs Kill Their Owners

Owning a lapdog can be hazardous to your health and fatal.  I have photographic proof.  Pictured above are samplings from an online obituary website.  Everyone pictured with a dog has died.  There can only be one conclusion.  Owning a lapdog causes death. (Except if you are Korean, then it is death to the dogs.  But not the infidel dogs.  The infidel dogs never die unless they take pity on someone with explosives strapped to them.  But I digress.).

So the lesson is clear here.  Stay away from those little dogs.  They can kill you. It is only the little dogs.  There are no pictures of dead people with big dogs, so they are okay.  Even though the little dogs look cute, they can kill you.

Historic Building Burns In Nassau

(click on picture for larger image)

This house on East Bay Street in Nassau, near Hammerheads Bar was the old home of Sir Milo Butler, the first Bahamian Governor General after Independence in 1973.  The bottom of the building was a store, and Butler made his money merchandising.  The building burned to the ground last week.  It was a derelict building housing 8 homeless people.

Alice Town, Bimini

(click on picture for larger image)

If you have never been to Alice Town in Bimini, this is what it looks like.  Actually it bears a lot of resemblance to Harbour Island and George Town Exuma in the Bahamas.  They all have their charm, and a certain sameness that stems from a common island geography.

People Don't Want To Believe That It Is An Inside Job - MH370

Before today's news that officials in the US now believe that the cockpit crew (pilot and/or co-pilot) were responsible for the missing Malaysian Airline MH370 flight, Slate had a poll to see what people thought was responsible for the missing flight.  Here is the results of the poll:

Poll Question: What do you think happened to the Malaysia Airlines jet?


It crashed in an accident. (8%)
It was diverted in act of air piracy and has landed somewhere. (44%)
It was hijacked and then crashed. (33%)
One or both of the pilots caused it to crash. (11%)
It just disappeared for some reason. (4%)

Only 11% thought it was one or both of the pilots that caused the plane to disappear.  I think that what explains those low numbers, is that people do not want to believe that they could put their own lives in danger when stepping on to a plane, and a rogue pilot may take them to a watery early grave.

However, it is looking more and more like the pilot(s) did it.  It is the only logical explanation at this point.

Celebrities Without Makeup ~ Katy Perry

This is Katy Perry in the morning without makeup.  To be honest, I would not have recognized her on the street at all when she looks like this.  I'm thinking that a good makeup artist can make a pig look good on any given day.

Celebrities Without Makeup ~ Kelly Ripa

Another in the series of celebrities without makeup -- Kelly Ripa.  To me, she looks better without makeup than Eva Longoria (see the entry below this one).  She is still kind of cute.

Celebrities Without Makeup - Eva Longoria

Wow, there is quite a difference between the times that celebs appear in public with pristine makeup and when they appear in private.  I used to think that Eva Longoria was particularly alluring and scrumptious, but without the makeup she becomes a little more mere mortal.

The Dump is Burning Again in Nassau

(click on pic for larger image)

Well the dump is on fire again in Nassau, putting huge clouds of black smoke in the air.  Officials say that it was deliberately set.  A few months ago, there was a black pall over the entire island when the dump was on fire.  Health officials reported an increase in asthma and respiratory cases at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The continuous burning of the dump reminds me of the continuous burning of the dump in the Simpsons cartoon.

Three Women At The Bar

I was at the bar the other night and overheard three very hefty women talking at the bar. Their accent appeared to be Scottish, so I approached and asked,

"Hello, are you three lassies from  Scotland ?"

One of them angrily screeched, "It's Wales , Wales you bloody idiot!"

So I apologized and replied, "I am so sorry.  Are you three whales from Scotland?"

 And that's the last thing I remember...

Beautiful Photography - Moon Over A Scottish Loch

(click on pic for larger image)

I took this dramatic shot of the moon over a Scottish Loch at night.  You have to click on the photo to enlarge it to get the full effect of the shot.

Weird Obituary Pictures

A wise sage once said that when you pose for any picture, keep in mind that it might be your obituary picture.  When I ran across this saying, i decided to check the obituary pages to see if it was true or not.  It is.  But what gets me, is that when friends or relatives post obituary pictures, they should have a tone of respect for the lives lived.  A lot of people don't suscribe to that notion.  Oftentimes you wonder WTF they were thinking when they posted the obit pic.  Here are a few of the interesting ones.

Woo hoo! A Hawaiian shirt and a martini with a smile as big as the Ritz.  Informal is the keyword here.  In good taste is debatable.

What is that rat sitting on his shoulder?

Please send donations to the Liver Transplant Association.

Did the rabbit die too?

You are supposed to take the obituary picture BEFORE you die!

Why is Grampa wearing Gramma's hat?

I know that it is a nice tie, but did we have to cut off the top of his head?

Why is Grandma giving us the bony finger?

Is this a wedding or a funeral, or is the wedding the end of a happy life?

And this is my best Gomer Pyle imitation.

This is what Grandpa wore for Halloween last year.

Wow, a computer selfie for an obit pic!  Looks like the eyes are closed.  Was this taken before the undertaker came?

A Swedish Cowboy?

Richard Petty as an old man.

Richard Petty as a young man.

Women's Suffrage and Equality in the Bahamas is Myth

This is a prime example of the deep dark corners of evil in the human heart in the Bahamas.  Pictured is Leslie Miller.  He is member of parliament for Tall Pines.  He is chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.  He is a mental midget, a misogynist and thick brick that is an example of what is wrong with the political party governing the Bahamas today.

The Bahamas does not have equal rights for women.   They are discriminated against in the constitution in many ways. It was Miller's backward, retrogressive, corrupt party, the PLP or Progressive Liberal Party (a joke when you consider the meaning of the words) that was responsible for the Columbian cocaine cartels importing drugs into the United States, and that party is now glorifying its dead corrupt leader who sold the country.  This same party campaigned against a constitutional amendment that would have given women equal rights.  This party is the worst example of vote buying, gerrymandering, corruption and kleptocracy.

This is what the member pictured above, said in Parliament yesterday.  It is in the official record:

"My God, that's your idea of love! That's like beating your wife or your girlfriend every time you go home. You just beat her for looking at her. I love ya. Boom, boom, boom. I had a girlfriend like that. When I didn't beat her she used to tell me I ain't love her no more cause I don't hit her. But seriously I had one like that. I had one. She used to tell me," he insisted as other members murmured and chuckled. House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major injected, "We know that you're joking with that." However, Miller said he was "serious with that". "I tell her I get tired, man," he continued, laughing. "My hands hurting a little bit--give me a break." After a comment from a sitting member inquiring whether he was joking, he reiterated,"I am telling you the truth. One thing I don't do is lie." 

Can you imagine.  The worst part of this whole scene, is that he was not rebuked by the Prime Minister or his fellow cabinet members.  What a bunch of barbarians.

Attitudes Towards Gays In The Bahamas

A prominent clergyman in the Bahamas publicly asked the Prime Minister of the Bahamas to dismiss the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who made a speech defending gay rights at a meeting of the Caricom or Caribbean Community.

Here are some selected comments from the firestorm that brewed online because of this:

(unedited, complete with spelling errors etc)

Exactly they already have the rights of others, first they claim that they want to be married, marriage is technically before God in 'Holy Matrimony' that will in turn be a complete abomination. They could pretend to marry, with promise rings and everything, we wouldnt care because who can tell them that they are not physically married? But yea, they want the 'marriage benefits' that will include but not limited to, insurances etc. On the other hand most of the homosexuals that I have met seem to have a disregard/disbelief for God. These persons just need to keep whatever they do in their privacy and continue to live the life they for some reason love. There is no reason for it to be forced on us. They promote this lifestyle like a style, trend or something to be adopted. Obviously if it was naturally occuring there would be no reason for advertisements and promotions. They basically try to invade everything we do with some form of homosexual innuendos for acceptance.

You say God doesnt like intolerance and hatred, but God also doesnt like abominations, which is in this case homosexuality.

(Someone pointed out that giraffes display homosexual behaviour) There is no need to compare man to animal, that is your problem right there. Both we and animals have different purposes here on earth. Now if you are going to compare, there are animals that fly, why dont we fly? There are animals that live in water, why cant we? The point is, there can be no population of animals or humans if there weren't a male and a female. You shun down religions as a form of some fantasy that we believe, at the end of the day, I dont care what you believe in. The point is there is no procreation in homosexuality.

Just watch out Bahamas before this country becomes another Sodom and Gomorrah - and I mean it. Allow it and watch how this place will be!... on fire!....

Once God has revealed the truth to you, He will expect you to live by it...Any mistake, you will pay the price...

The dark cannot co-exist with the light.

When we get to Heaven we will be surprise to see who will be there. Be very careful , God is a forgiving and mercy full God who hates the sin but loves the sinner. Pray for persons who are gay and leave the rest to God.

Interesting.  The homophobia is the majority view in the Bahamas.

A Mila Kunis Fan Sent Me This -- Engagement to Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.  I had previously posted a pic of her without makeup, and one her fans chastised me.  That fan sent me this pic of the putative engagement ring given to Mila Kunis by Ashton Kutcher.  Are they engaged?  Does Mila mind that Ashton was married and dirtied up by Demi Moore?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Allure of the Seas Drydocked in Freeport

(click on pic for larger image)

The world's largest cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas is drydocked in Freeport in the Bahamas for 7 days.  There is a problem with its propulsion engines.

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