Sugarless Gum Product Review - Juicy Fruit Peach Cobbler

I am a fan of sugarless gum.  When Juicy Fruit Desserts came out, I was amazed at the flavors.  The first one that I tried was the Apple Pie flavor and that was and still is my favorite.  The Strawberry Shortcake is so-so.  When I saw Peach Cobbler, I had to try it.  It is better than Strawberry Shortcake but not as good as Apple Pie.  It really isn't peachy enough in taste for me.

As with all of these gums, you get an initial blast of immense flavor, and then the taste disappears rapidly leaving you with a very rubbery, chewy gum with little flavor.  I don't mind.  It gives your jaws a real workout.  So, I don't think that I will buy this flavor again, but I will still keep buying the Apple Pie flavor.

I was not paid for this review.

What a difference a week makes

Being up north for Easter was pretty grim weather-wise.  There was still snow on the ground.  The lakes and rivers were covered with ice.  A few days ago, I posted a pic of a small northern lake still covered with ice.  I went back to check to see how it's doing for a Sunday hike yesterday, and above is what I found.  There is still some snow on the edge of the lake, but the middle has melted.  In the tropics in is 77 degrees this fine morning at 8 AM.

Prisoner Humiliation in the Bahamas

Humiliating prisoners is still regarded as a form of punishment in the Bahamas.  As a result, prisoners still wear the cartoonish prisoner uniform and they are trotted out publicly at regular intervals.  You can see them washing the police cars and private vehicles of police and prison officials.

In this particular case, the dude on the left was an ex-prisoner that wrote a book on going the straight and narrow.  A bunch of prisoners were trotted out in a publicity exercise where he donated some of his books to the Fox Hill prisoners.  I don't think that one should have access to prisoners for publicity purposes.

Product Review - Old Spice Pure Sport Body Wash

I gotta say this about Old Spice products -- they are inexpensive, do the job and last a long time.  In the tropics where a stick of deodorant that goes for $2.99 in WalMart back home,  is priced at $9.99, it is useful to have a product that I can bring in with me and don't need replacing often.  The deodorant is one example.  It lasts months.

I finally finished the Old Spice, Pure Sport, High Endurance Body Wash today.  It lasted a long time too, but I do have a criticism.  Most of it went down the drain.  I have had body washes that were in a very liquid state and didn't last long.  This stuff has a very jelly consistency and when you apply it to your body, big gobs of cleave off and end up on the shower floor.  It is like a very thick snot.  It should spread better when it hits your body, instead of still sticking together and falling off.

I have already gone off looking for a better soap and body wash, but I will continue to use the Old Spice deodorant.  It really does the job in the tropics.

Spring Crocuses Have Arrived

There is still ice in the rivers and lakes up north, and there are still patches of snow everywhere.  However if you find a sunny, southern exposure where the snow is gone, you will find the spring crocuses pushing up their blooms, finally signalling the end of a long, snowy, cold winter.  Indeed a glorious sight.

The Perfect Man, According to Men and Women

Well, I did woman a couple of entries back so now it is the man's turn.  Both men and women were asked to describe the perfect man.  Men chose a little bigger more masculine man then women.  Here's the breakdown:

According to women, the perfect man has:

  • Harry Styles Hair
  • Jamie Dornan's face
  • David Gandy's torso
  • Brad Pitt's biceps
  • David Beckham's legs

According to men, the perfect man has:

  • Brad Pitt Hair
  • David Beckham face
  • Ryan Gosling torso
  • Hugh Jackman biceps
  • Frank Lampard's legs

Both Beckham and Brad Pitt appear in both lists.  The DNA lottery of those men proves that they are winners.

Late Late Spring Up North

(click on pic for larger image)

Up north for the Easter holidays and is spring ever late.  Ice is still on the small lake, and fishing season opens next Friday for trout.  It will have to be through the ice.  However the days are warming up, and hopefully the patina of ice over the rivers, lakes, ponds and streams will be gone.

Loch Ness Nessie on Apple Maps?

If you own an Apple device with Apple Maps and look at Loch Ness in Scotland, you will find the above.  Pundits are saying that this may be Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.  You need to click on the image to get the full effect.  It seems to be a wake without a boat.

The Perfect Woman According To Men And Women

Both men and women were asked to describe the ideal woman from the body parts of celebrities.  Here is how women pictured the ideal woman:

  • Duchess of Cambridge's hair
  • Cara Delevingne's face
  • Jennifer Aniston's breasts
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's stomach
  • Emma Watson's hips
  • Elle Macpherson's legs

Men had a slight more voluptuous picture of the idea woman with larger hair, breasts and hips:

  • Scarlett Johansson's hair
  • Megan Fox's face
  • Kim Kardashian's breasts
  • Michelle Keegan's stomach
  • Kelly Brook's hips
  • Rosie Huntington-Whitley's legs

All in all though, the look was fairly consistent.

Boats in the Harbour

(click on the image to get the full effect)

The weather is turning might fine in the tropics compared to the rest of North America where spring is slow in coming.  The boats are all in the harbour.  Enjoy.

If your cruise ship is stopping in the Bahamas

If your cruise ship is stopping in the Bahamas, you need this booklet.  Not only does it tell you how to stay safe, but it tells you where to go for the authentic experience and how not to get ripped off.  It is on Amazon:

The information here will save you trouble and money.

The Latest App for Running and Fitness Training

Here is an Android app for running, speed walking, jogging and just plain walking.  This app called Running Rhythms is unique because it works on the mind as well as the body when exercising.  It uses the principles of Binaural Beats ( ) which are sound processing artifacts in the brain to create slow frequency brainwaves in the head that causes Brainwave Entrainment ( ) which synchronizes body and mind to the rhythms of running, jogging or walking.

Not only does this have those calming synchronizing effects, but the Binary Beats are used in great numbers by the yoga crowd for meditation, peace of mind, the energizing effects, as well as for causing ASMRs (Asynchronous Meridian responses) or Brain Orgasms. Check out this Time Magazine article ( )

If you have an Android phone, tablet or even a Kindle eReader, you can benefit from this revolutionary new training aid.  These apps are $1.99 on the Amazon app platform.  Here is the Amazon URL for Running Rhythms:

If you are a running, jogger or walker for exercises, you need to get this latest tool in fitness for yourself.

The Exorcist Re-Visited

For those of you who remember the movie, The Exorcist, this oughta bring back the chills.  Linda Blair starred in a movie where the Devil was busted for possession.  There were some interesting scenes of projectile vomit.

This little reader is assuming the eyes of demon possession as depicted in the movie.

Kate Caught Crotch-Watching

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge gets an eyeful of the crotch of a half-naked, thong-wearing, ass-tattooed Maori warrior on the Royal Trip to New Zealand.

The hilarious caption of the British Tabloids was "Eyes Right, Kate".

BitCoin Definitely Was A Bubble

(click on chart for larger image)

I have lived through a few bubbles.  The first was when the Hunt Brothers of Texas tried to corner the silver market.  I have seen tech bubbles, housing bubbles, mortgage derivative bubbles.  They all have the same characteristics -- a meteoric rise in value and a corresponding crash.

In the past year BitCoin rose to over a thousand dollars US and crashed.  Exchanges were either hacked like Mt. Gox or were shut down by Federal authorities.  BitCoin was a bubble.

Will it rise again in value?  It may, but it's performance over the past three months don't bode well.  The technical trading indicators still show that it has some way to fall in value.

Recently in the SXSW tech conference, BitCoin tried to re-brand itself as a sort of a MasterCard or Visa method of payment rather than a currency, it it really didn't work.

I think that some form of cryptocurrency may be around for a long time, but it may never seriously give fiat currrency a run for its money unless there are changes that may it less hackable (Mt. Gox was hacked and lost millions).

I am a techie and what gets me, is that BitCoin is supposed to contain the entire history of that BitCoin embedded in it, so if a BitCoin is stolen, presumably that would be flagged in its history.  Until issues like this are cleared up, BitCoin cannot be taken seriously on a wide scale.

A WTF Photo

You have to look closely at this photo twice.  The first time, it is a WTF photo.  Actually the alignment is perfect between the faces of the kid and the adult holding the kid.  A perfectly timed picture.  Amazing.

Untimely Awkward Family Picture

How's this for an untimely, awkward family picture?  Mommy, mommy what are those giraffes doing in the background?  What does "copulating" mean?  There are no birds and bees, Mommy, just giraffes mounting each other.  This is one for the family album.

Perfectly Timed Picture

This picture is so perfectly timed, that you don't even have to ask "And then what happened?".  You just know.  It must have been painful for awhile, and you are reminded that you are a boy.  An athletic cup soon becomes your best friend.

Queen Gets Nipple Erection Over Pope And Wine

(click on pic for larger image)

Man does this picture ever say a lot by saying nothing.  Queen Elizabeth is vising the pope -- Pope Francis.  Take a look at her chest.  She has her headlights on.  Even though they are saggy and low, there is a massive THO (titty hard-on). Is the pope producing the the puffie and pokie?  Is the bottle of booze turning on the high beams.  I doubt that it is Prince Phillip causing the pointy hard nips.

This picture is highly disturbing.

Bahamas National Trust - Easter Event

I support the Bahamas National Trust.  They are having an Easter event on Saturday April 12th.  If you are in Nassau, please support them.  If you are a visitor then, and looking for something to do, the Retreat is really worth seeing.  It is a bona fide tourist attraction noted for its beauty and wealth of plants and trees.

On top of all of that, you will be able to sample Bahamian foods and buy real things instead of cheap made in China souvenirs.  Please patronize them.  Thank you.

Standing On Mars -- Panorama

You owe it to yourself to click on the above picture of a Martian panorama.  It is a NASA image panorama created by the Mars Rover and it gives you the feel of what it looks like to stand on Mars.


Something is Rotten in Denmark - MH370

Something is rotten in Denmark - or rather Malaysia.  The Malaysian government is covering up something.  Why would they amend the transcript of the last cockpit radio conversations with the tower at this late date.  For days, and weeks, the last words were "Thank You, Good Night".  Now they have released the actual version.  Why at this late date did they amend the record.

I think that the Malaysian government knows a lot more than they are letting on.  I think they have proof that one of their pilots flew the plane into oblivion, and do not want to admit it for liability and pride reasons.

If there was total truth and transparency, we would have had the final words of the co-pilot a lot earlier.

Actions speak louder than words.