The Bloodshed Continues In The Bahamas

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The bloodshed continues in the Bahamas.  It seems like there is a shooting every day now.  The murder numbers are through the roof and the police seem unable to stop it, despite 12 hour shifts.  The US Embassy and US State Department have issued another travel advisory last week about crime in the Bahamas.

In this pic, the body of a shooting victim is being recovered from a few day ago.

Kate Middleton's Tush Part II -- Australia - Reprise of the Marilyn Monroe Moment

Well, the Duchess is at it again.  The habitual royal thong-wearer shows off her delectable butt cheeks again down under.  The wind loves her bare butt and does it best to show it off to an appreciative audience.  It is definitely a South Wind doing the work down south, and it couldn't be finer.

Copa do Mundo da Fifa Brasil - FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Copa do Mundo da Fifa Brasil 2014
FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Aplicativo para celular Android

App that celebrates a goal for the team that you cheer.


Make the noise and fire works when the announcer shouts "Golazo" or Goal

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Torcer por sua seleção à brasileira

Cheer for your team Brazilian style

Celebrar a pontuação de futebol da equipe

Celebrate your team goals!

Old Seven Ounce 7Up Bottle

I was walking along an old dirt road, and on the side of the road, I saw this green pop bottle.  It is a vintage 7Up seven ounce bottle.  I was going to recycle it.  I checked on eBay and some specimens are going for $10 each.  This one has been in the dirt for years, and probably wouldn't be worth that much, however I believe that it still has collectible status.

Do I Give A Damn? Version 1.1

This animated gif was making the rounds, and a reader sent it to me.  It is hilarious.  It's best use is to post to the internet in a forum where someone puts up an inane topic.  The "attempting to give a damn" is quite funny, but the kicker is the "unable to give a damn" ending.

Love it.

The Fiddleheads Have Finally Come Out

In the Northeastern seaboard of North America, the fiddleheads are out and are being harvested.  Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a wild fern that has yet unrolled to become the stalk and leaves.  Fiddleheads have antioxidant activity, are a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and are high in iron and fibre.

I was travelling to the east coast, and a local cafe was serving Cream of Fiddlehead soup and a biscuit.

Cute Puppy Asleep In the Food Bowl

This cute Bernese Mountain Dog puppy decided to sleep in his favorite place.  Awwww ... cute.

Churches With Funny Names Are Burning in The Bahamas

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In the monolithic tourism economy of the Bahamas, one of the easiest jobs to create on your own, is that of pastor.  It doesn't take much to start a church in the Bahamas.  But the rising crime rate is now affecting the churches.  In particular small churches with funny names are burning.  Here are two in the past week.

In the upper picture, the church name is Da Cabin and the Whosoever Will Ministries Intl.  What is funny, is the International in the name.  It reminds me of the story of the family who named their dog Moreover, because in the Bible there is a verse "Moreover the dog came and licked his sores", and they thought that moreover was the dog's name.  The burning of this church is probably not arson, as there was a gas delivery just before the church burned.  There are no fire trucks on the island that this church is located on.

In the second picture, it was arson and death threats to one of the church's founder.  The name of this church is Miracle Faith Praying Station Church of God.  There were no miracles to prevent the fire and arson.

I am still waiting for a church to name itself Be Generous at the Collection Basket.

Dumb Bahamian Hitman Criminal

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The criminal is being led by police to his sentencing.  After a jury trial in the Bahamas, he has been found guilty of murder.  He is a hitman for hire.  A banker's wife hired him to knock off her husband the banker.

The criminal above pleaded not guilty. Said he wasn't anywhere near the killing.  Evidence had him nailed to the wall and the jury found him guilty.  He had to appear for sentencing.  Look at the tee shirt that he wore.  It says "means = end$".  Not exactly the thing to wear in front a judge.

He is going to spend his life (or at least most of it) behind bars.

For those of you who can't make it

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For those of you who can't make it, here is a view of the beach at the hotel in Nassau at 10:47 this morning.  Less tourists than a month ago but still a goodly number on the deck chairs so early in the morning.  Enjoy.

Actual Steampunk Sex Toy

This is a steampunk vibrator made to cure "hysteria" in women.  I will leave it to your imagination as to how it works.

E.B. White's Letter of Hope for Humanity

E.B. White was an esteemed writer for The New Yorker for decades.  A man named Mr. Nadeau wrote to him in despair of the human condition.  These are the words that Mr. White wrote back:

Dear Mr. Nadeau:

As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate. Hope is the thing that is left to us, in a bad time. I shall get up Sunday morning and wind the clock, as a contribution to order and steadfastness.

Sailors have an expression about the weather: they say, the weather is a great bluffer. I guess the same is true of our human society — things can look dark, then a break shows in the clouds, and all is changed, sometimes rather suddenly. It is quite obvious that the human race has made a queer mess of life on this planet. But as a people we probably harbor seeds of goodness that have lain for a long time waiting to sprout when the conditions are right. Man’s curiosity, his relentlessness, his inventiveness, his ingenuity have led him into deep trouble. We can only hope that these same traits will enable him to claw his way out.

Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.


E. B. White

Words of hope indeed.

Liking the New Nassau Airport

I gotta say that I am liking the new Nassau Airport.  The infrastructure improvements under the government of Hubert Ingraham and the FNM are reaping results.  The new roads that his government built are not pot-holed and teeth jarring.  It is easier to get around New Providence now.  Now if crime would go down, Nassau could become nice again.

Conch Supply Being Unloaded

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For as long as there have been people in the Bahamas, conch has been a staple food item and a source of protein.  It is a sea snail or sea slug that makes a beautiful shell, and for centuries, the pickings have been easy.  In the best of times, conch is on the sea floor in shallow water.

Unfortunately, with the amount of over-harvesting, fishing boats are now required to go further and further to find conch.  There are minimum size limits, but do to a lack of manpower, these are rarely enforced.

Ironically, conch was the sustenance of poor folk.  However with the rise in price, it has now become a bit of a luxury item.  Conch salad is now in the $7-$10 range.  It is raw conch with limes, lemon, onion, bell pepper.  Conch fritters are conch chopped into pieces and embedded in dough dropped in a deep fryer.  It is served with a mayo/Thousand Islands sauce.

Boat Pictures

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If you are a fan of boat pictures, then the following blog is for you:  There will be a new boat picture almost every day.

Product Review - Great Tasting Italian Coffee At Half The Price

I was in the International section of the supermarket, trolling for good eats.  That aisle has all of the imports which might contain exotic, delicious food and snacks at a low price.  I saw this package of Cimo coffee from Italy.  It is well priced at $2.50 for this compressed brick.

As it turns out, this is one of the finest coffees that I have ever tasted -- bar none.  And the price is right.  I was amazed at the crema that this produced from a Bodum French press.  We ditched our expensive Illy coffee and exclusively drink the Cimo stuff now.  It comes in Columbian, Espresso, and Filter Coffee Grind.

As usual, I was not paid to push this product.

iPod Nano 6th Generation Power Switch Gone!

Really ticked off about this.  The power switch is gone on my iPod 6th Generation Nano.  It looks like the spring is gone inside it and the power switch is stuck in the down position.  I looked on Youtube to see if one could get into it, and it involves using a heat gun to lift the black screen off.  I wasn't too crazy about that.

I thought that it was stuck, so I tried prying it with a precision screwdriver, all to no avail.  I gave it a few blasts with compressed air and nothing happened.  I thought that maybe a hydrocarbon solvent would help so I tilted the air can to put the liquid propellant right into the switch and nada.

I can still operate if I plug it into my iPad charger and leave it connected, but that isn't a long term solution.

If you know of fix, please leave a comment.