Homemade Food Dehydrator

I was going on a 220 kilometer wilderness canoe trip, and I need a week's worth of dehydrated food.  On previous trips, I dehydrated everything from fruit to meat to spaghetti sauce.  (To dehydrate the spaghetti sauce, I built a little tin foil tray for the sauce and popped it in the dehydrator.)  I didn't feel like going out to buy a dehydrator, so I made one from a sturdy cardboard box.

I covered the box in tin foil and sealed it with duct tape.  It was a box made for shipping a computer projector, so it was made of really heavy cardboard.  I had some lengths of quarter-round wooden moulding hanging around and plastic mesh.  I put the trays together with zip ties holding the mesh on.  The heat source is a 100 Watt old-style incandescent bulb and I have a usb fan that I bought at the dollar store.  It works like a charm.  I have made jerky, dried fruit and dried herbs and vegetables.

Since it is apple season, I am making dried apples sprinkled with cinnamon.  The thing works like a charm.

Windfall Apples

These wild apples littered the roadway.  They came off the tree after a particularly violent windstorm.  A day later, it was just brown mush by the side of the road.

Éphémère Blueberry Craft Beer

This is not a paid endorsement. There was some Éphémère Blueberry craft beer on sale ($5 for the big bottle - 750 ml) and it was an amazing beer.

                              750 ml is a goodly size beer. Even after drinking that, it leaves one feeling wanting more.

Here are the specs on the beer:
Éphémère Blueberry
Origin Chambly, Quebec
Brewed since 2016
ABV 5.5%
Fermentation Top
Style White ale brewed with fruit
Color Reddish with purple hues
SRM 4.5
Clarity Slightly cloudy
Head Pink and creamy
Bubbles Medium
Effervescence Sustained
Nose Wild berry aromas, citrus notes
Flavor Vivid blueberry flavor with a complementary acidity
Body Thin
Aftertaste Medium
Suggested serving temperature 6° - 8° C
Suggested glass Flute or tulip

They had an apple variety as well that was fabulous.

Amazing year for wild fruit

This year has been an amazing year for wild fruit.

These apples were large, sweet, juicy and not tart.

I couldn't believe how late in the season that the wild raspberries hung around.

This year, there were wild apples everywhere.

Fall Leaves Extended

As the leaves dessicate, they are starting to fall off the trees. The colors are still brilliant.

The contrast of rock and trees is appealing.

The Fall Colors - More Pics

More Fall Color pics:
The view down the road.

Tree in the backyard. 

Another view of the backyard.

Yellow Birch Tree in the backyard.

The hills of home on a rainy day.

The color is spectacular on every tree.

Some are reds, and some are yellows and golds.

Photography doesn't do it justice.