Spirit Airlines in Philadelphia

I was on my way to the Cayman Islands. I snapped this pic of Spirit Airlines as I was riding the bus across the tarmac in Philadelphia to another terminal.  My ticket was sort-of last minute, so I flew to Philadelphia and from there to Miami and from there to George Town in the Cayman Islands. 

IoT, Formula 1 Racing, Mercedes Team ... and Me !!

I am honored to be chosen as winner  of #tatacommsf1prize and one of three grand prize finalists in the Formula 1 Connectivity Innovation (Connected Operations) Challenge for the F1 Mercedes Petronas AMG Racing Team tech supplier.

 My proposed solution brings a new innovative slant to the IoT of Formula One Racing, and I look forward to meeting Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi for the final F1 race of the year, where I present my solution.  Thanks to Tata Communications, the infrastructure supplier to the Mercedes team for this incredible opportunity and the trip to Abu Dhabi. 

I look forward to having my connectivity solution possibly make an impact on the future of F1 Racing.  This is a major thrill.   http://www.pressreleasemanager.co.uk/viewPressRelease.asp?ID=2D1942F4-BDEC-4951-BBEA-C6A00A8D53AA

Can't Believe It - I Made 8.2% On The Stock Market Betting the Trump Presidency

Back in November, when the shocking news came that serial liar, sexual predator and chronic business bankrupt (moral and ethical) won the Presidency of the United States, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece of how to make money on the stock market, based on what Trump had said on the campaign trail.

Just for fun today, I decided to tabulate my results. You can read my reasoning in the entry below, but here is what I picked:

Aetna Inc AET  - went long betting it would go up
United Health Group - went long betting it would go up
Honda HMC- went Short betting it would go down
Toyota TM- went Short betting it would go down
Credit Acceptance Corp  CACC- went long betting it would go up

For fun, I would buy $1,000 or ten shares whichever was most appropriate.

AET - bought ten shares @$1190  -today quote value: $1302  profit: $112
UNH - bought ten shares @$1460  -today quote value: $1704  profit: $244
HMC - bought $1000, @$28 dollars a share,  -trading today @$28.45 call it unchanged
TM    -sold short @$1060 -covered short @$1110 profit $50
CACC - bought ten shares @$1860  -today quote value: $1990  profit: $130

Total cost: $6570
Total gains: $7106
Total profit: $536
Total Percentage gain: 8.2%

For the next phase, I am going all out on military weapon manufacturers.

The Vanities of Peter Nygard

Peter Nygard the famous fashion designer,  lives full time in the Bahamas in the millionaire enclave known as Lyford Cay.  Others call it Lifeless Cay.  This is a publicity photo of him released in 2016.

Nygard holds Bacchanalian parties rife with women, music, models and various mind-altering substances, some legal at his place.  He has been dredging without permission to increase his water frontage.  A groupd called Save The Bays went to court to get an injunction.  The injunction was disobeyed, and Nygard was recently fined $50,000  in the Bahamian courts.   http://www.tribune242.com/news/2017/mar/08/breaking-news-peter-nygard-guilty-contempt-and-fin/

Here is the thing that blows me away. Take a look at his publicity picture above.  Then take a look at the snapshot below of him entering the court.

Oh the vanities.  In an effort to preserve his youthfulness, he has been experimenting with stem cell injections and various other "therapies" to enable him to fight aging.  It is a battle that he won't win.  The Iceman cometh for all.